Roedean is not driven by top grades alone. Our aim is to nurture the girls’ talents and curiosity to develop young women with multi-faceted interests and skills

A Rounded Education

Our aim at Roedean Moira House is to provide a richness of opportunity for girls to excel, nurture and explore their talents without limits and let imaginations run riot. That is because education is about so much more than just examination results – this is at the foundation of our holistic approach.

Roedean Moira House girls do achieve exceptionally high grades in public examinations, but they are not driven by this – instead you will be able to pursue your passions, challenge yourself to do new things, and learn without compromise. 

Roedean Moira House is nestled in the South Downs, only 10 minutes from the Beach. Our location gives girls the opportunity to discover and express themselves by exploring their surroundings, and even outdoor lessons are incorporated in our curriculum. 

We believe strongly that a holistic approach to education will give you the skills of independence to manage your life and studies at university, the communication tools necessary to play an active and confident role in society, and the resilience to make your way in our increasingly competitive world.

What They Say…

'Nothing short of a miracle', said one parent, describing the transformation of his shy daughter to 'outgoing'; she 'even performs on stage.'

– Good Schools Guide

What the Pupils Say…

I chose the school as a place that would give me better opportunities than my previous school, academically and socially.  The teachers are always so supportive, and passionate about the subjects they are teaching, which gives me even more motivation to learn as much as I possibly can.  I have seen how I have improved vastly in subjects like Science and Maths which I used to struggle with more; I've felt really supported by my teachers.

– Esme, Year 10, Academic Scholar