It is key that able students have the chance to stretch themselves in order to maintain their focus and help them to realise their academic potential.

Academic Enrichment

At Roedean Moira House, all girls have the chance to stretch themselves beyond what they are taught in the classroom, and to be challenged to think and research widely – not only is this hugely stimulating, but it has wonderful benefits for the work they do within the curriculum.


Enrichment opportunities exist in all subjects at Roedean Moira House ranging from students taking Maths Challenges at all levels, to others undertaking subject-specific projects, entering national essay competitions, as well as a weekly scholars programme that is intended to stimulate thought-provoking discussions and debates. We also attend the annual Royal Institute Christmas lectures as part of scholars’ academic enrichment. 

All girls in Year 12 take an Elective for one hour each week – for some, this is valuable subject-specific enrichment, such as those who take part in a volunteer medical programme at the local hospice, while for others, this is an opportunity to do something which is challenging and completely different to their normal A Level programme, such as coding, economics or Greek philosophy.

Each year, Sixth Form students choose to take an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) in addition to their A Level subjects, allowing them to research a specific topic in detail before writing 5000-6000 words about it.  This qualification is worth half of an A Level, but universities welcome the fact that the girls have taken their academic interests far beyond what they have been taught in the classroom.

Scholars careers programme

As part of the weekly academic scholars programme to enrich and extend their academic learning there is also a tailored careers programme for our most academically able students at Roedean Moira House. This includes talks on entrance requirements to Russell group universities, an annual residential trip to an Oxbridge College and aspirational talks from Old Girls.  

Our Sixth form academic scholars receive personalised support delivered through a tutorial programme to support their UCAS application process which involves key interview skills, personal statement provision and tailored, aspirational careers opportunities such as work experience, links with local industry and portfolio development.