It is key that able students have the chance to stretch themselves in order to maintain their focus and help them to realise their academic potential.

Examination Results

A Level

Roedean Moira House girls consistently achieve outstanding A Level results.  In 2019, we were delighted that 31% of all A Level grades were awarded A* - A, with 57% A*-B grades, and 81% A* - C grades. 

All girls achieved places at their first choice universities, and the richness of talents present within Roedean Moira House Sixth Form is represented in the range of courses students have gone on to study, from  Musical Theatre at Urdang, to Psychology at Bath, Fashion Design at Leeds, and training at the prestigious Norland College, as well as an apprentice Engineer.


In the context of increasing rigour and challenge at GCSE level, Roedean Moira House students achieved excellent GCSE examination results, with 39.7% at A* or its equivalent, the highest percentage at this level in the School's history.  More than half (54.9%) of grades were awarded at A* - A (or equivalent 9-7), a huge 76.1% of grades were at A* - B (or equivalent 9 - 5).

This has been a year of great positive change following the partnership with Roedean and our GCSE students have all benefitted from the development made in teaching and learning.  Alongside a new leadership team there has been a significant investment in the school buildings and for our GCSE girls the new science labs contributed to an impressive boost in results.

In the new grading system, the A* has been replaced by both Grades 8 and 9, with the latter designed to reward the most exceptional candidates, and it was wonderful that so many girls were rewared with these grades.

Roedean Moira House