Life in the Sixth Form is a liberating experience – for the first time in your school career, you will be able to study the subjects you love.

Sixth Form

Intellectually curious, prepared, socially aware, creative and passionate, resilient, and confident – that’s a Roedean Moira House Sixth Former.  The Sixth Form at Roedean Moira House promises a journey of intellectual stimulation and challenge, combined with a wealth of opportunities and experiences in a happy and caring environment.  These final years of school will provide you with a solid and powerful springboard to the next stage of your education, and onwards into 21st century society.

  • Life in the Sixth Form is a liberating experience – for the first time in your school career, you will be able to study the subjects you love, and discard those which interest you less.
  • You will have the opportunity to study your chosen subjects in depth, but you must be prepared for the fact that the move into the Sixth Form is a significant step.
  • You will normally specialise in three A Level subjects in the Sixth Form. All subjects are now linear, which means that you will only sit formal examinations at the end of Year 13. This enhances the breadth and depth of your subject knowledge. You will find the increasing emphasis on individual study gives you more space to develop your own ideas and a sense of personal involvement in your work.
  • In addition to your studies, you will have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and leadership, and to participate in our extensive range of co-curricular activities, visits, and the Community Action Programme. All Year 12 students carry out an independent research project in a topic of their choosing, with the opportunity to continue this into an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Challenging and Rewarding

The Sixth Form is both challenging and rewarding, and those who benefit most are those who are prepared to work hard and get involved.  Our aim at Roedean Moira House is to challenge preconceptions, to open doors, and to give you the necessary skills, insights, and experiences to help you move from school to university and beyond with confidence.

  • In the Sixth Form, students are provided with clear and careful guidance before they start their A Levels, to ensure that their programme choice is relevant and recommended for their Higher Education aspirations.
  • One-to-one mentoring and advice sessions from tutors, the Head of Sixth Form and the Senior Leadership Team ensure that every student is supported through the process.
  • We encourage girls to choose those subjects in which they not only excel, but that they also feel passionate about.  A Level study requires a greater degree of independent study, so it is essential that students feel inspired and committed to their courses.


Roedean Moira House

What They Say…

From the tiny four year old girl bubbling over about her day, to the unassuming sixth formers, the girls we met here seemed very natural, and answered questions with frank spontaneity. They seem comfortable in their own skins, and without city gloss.

– Good Schools Guide 2018