Roedean has a number of awards to recognise excellence in a particular field, and these are available to girls joining the school in Year 7, Year 9, and Year 12.

Scholarships and Bursaries

(For UK-based students)

Scholarships are central to Roedean Moira House’s ethos, and all girls are encouraged to strive to realise their potential.  Roedean Moira House Scholars play a vital role in demonstrating, modelling, and championing the values which are at the heart of making Roedean Moira House an exceptional school.  They challenge themselves to excel, and  benefit greatly from this experience.

Expectations of a scholar

We have high expectations of our Scholars, and, to support this, we provide them with tailor-made challenges, expertise, and guidance.  Our aim is for Scholars to develop during their time at Roedean Moira House, to challenge themselves to exceed the high expectations they have of themselves, and to inspire their peers.

We expect our Scholars to have a specialism in one area, whether that be Music, Sport, Art, Dance, Drama or the Academic, but we also hope that they will be talented and dedicated in a variety of areas. 

We are looking for talented sportswomen who will lead on the pitch and on the stage; we want exceptional musicians who will also be highly skilled artists; we seek academics who can dance beautifully.  Our Scholars will be leaders in our community, and will contribute to all aspects of school life.

Scholarships available

At Roedean Moira House, scholarships are available to new entrants to the school in order to recognise academic excellence and/or talent in one or two areas of specialism. They are worth a fee-reduction which ranges from 5% to 50%, and all are awarded based on performance in the entrance tests, assessments if relevant, and interview. The two different types of scholarships are outlined below:

1 Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to academically able students, and assessment is on the basis of entrance tests (in English, Maths, and Non-Verbal Reasoning) and an interview.

2 Scholarships in Areas of Specialism

Scholarships are available in Art, Dance, Drama, Music, and Sport. For each of these scholarships, there is a practical assessment and an interview; ability and potential are taken into consideration as part of the awarding process.

At the School’s discretion, exceptional applicants may be awarded a Roedean Moira House Scholarship

These scholarships are the most prestigious scholarships available, worth 50%. They reflect the holistic ethos of the school, and they are therefore awarded to students who combine excellence in three areas of school life, such as academic excellence with that in two areas of specialism (for example, in both Music and Art).

Means-tested funding

At Roedean Moira House, we are dedicated to widening access for local families. Each year we offer means-tested funding to parents of gifted pupils to support a scholarship whose circumstances would otherwise put Roedean Moira House beyond their reach. The Awards Committee has a specified sum available to award to pupils at their discretion each year. Meeting the baseline criteria for financial assistance is not the only prerequisite for receiving a bursary award: applicants will be assessed on their academic performance, as demonstrated in the entrance assessment papers and their school report, in order to best direct funding decisions. 


If you wish to apply for a scholarship, do please contact admissions on before submitting an application. If you have, however, already spoken to a member of the Admissions team, please do fill out our online registration form, if you haven't done so already, and the relevant scholarship form, both of which can be found at the below.