Creative Arts

The Visual Arts at Roedean Moira House are innovative and dynamic.  We strive to ignite our student's imagination, to develop their artistic talent and potential and foster a lifelong love of the arts.  Our girl's work is truly diverse, ambitious, challenging and highly creative.

The girls at Roedean Moira House are encouraged to be brave, to experiment and learn to overcome challenges in the early years which allows the girls to become so innovative and creative at the higher end of the school.  Girls in the Sixth Form work with a wide rage of materials and techniques such as art and fashion textiles, laser cut and 3D printed design, clay portraiture, oil painting and experimental photography and film.

Fine Art

In Fine Art students produce a wide range of 2D and 3D pieces which are developed through an exploration of student's own personal ideas and interests. Our students are given an excellent grounding in observational studies. We place great emphasis on building the student's ability to see clearly and to record from direct observation. This visual grounding is at the heart of our teaching. Anyone can be taught to draw, but the high level of skill which our students reach, develop through determination, patience and above all practice. We pride ourselves in allowing our students to find their own artistic style and approach, taking real ownership of their work. Some of our students go on to develop their projects in a more conceptual or abstract direction.


Photography is offered at both GCSE and A Level at Roedean Moira House and the girls are encouraged to express themselves through both moving and still imagery, utilising the latest technologies to create imaginative and highly conceptual work demonstrating innovation and creativity at the highest level. Examining moderators speak of the exceptional quality and creativity demonstrated in the work produced within the department.


In Textiles, girls have the opportunity to experiment with a broad range of materials, techniques and processes, including woven, embroidered, knitted, printed, painted, dyed, manipulated, embellished and constructional methods to produce a variety of outcomes including fashion and costume design, interior design, conceptual artwork, accessories and body adornment. Girls have excelled in this field producing exceptional work, highly commended by the visiting examiners.

3D Design

All girls in Years 7-9 take 3D Design within the curriculum, making wooden and mechanical toys, and a variety of 2D laser-cut and 3D printed pieces.
GCSE 3D Design is taken by comparatively small numbers of talented students, focusing on metal, wood, and plastics, producing clocks and wall or desk lights as a starting point of the GCSE followed by individual outcomes using a variety of materials from 3D printing through to laser cutting.

Visual Arts after Roedean Moira House

Many girls pursue the artistic passions kindled at Roedean Moira House after they leave the school, winning coveted places on Art Foundation courses at institutions such as Central Saint Martin's and University of the Arts, London, where they will experiment further with different techniques; in addition, good numbers win places directly onto art-related degree courses, recent examples being Fine Art at UAL, Fashion Photography at Falmouth and Digital Illustration at London College of Communication.  Degrees in Architecture are also a very popular choice at Roedean Moira House.