Passion for Sport

Roedean Moira House is becoming increasingly competitve in a wide range of sports, including Tennis, Netball, Swimming, Dance and Athletics, alongside Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Tag-rugby, Football, Gymnastics and Volleyball.  Our facilities on campus include an indoor pool, the Sports Centre - including gym - for badminton, trampolining, basketball and other training, five netball and tennis courts and two sports pitches.

As well as enjoying success in team sports at school, Roedean Moira House has a number of exceptionally talented sportswomen, including national champions in Cross-Country, Tennis, and Dance. In addition, a good number also represent the county in sports such as Hockey and Athletics. 

But Sport at Roedean Moira House is for everyone. To ensure that all our girls can have a passion for sport, and will continue with it later in life, we endeavour to offer the widest range of activities and opportunities possible. 

  • We understand that exercise complements all other aspects of school life, and try hard to make sure that they can all co-exist well.

  • From our elite-level sportswomen to girls who just enjoy getting involved, we have weekly fixtures to ensure that there is a strongly competitive edge at all levels,

  • Whether part of one of the many sports squads, clubs, the Sport Scholars’ Programme, or community partnerships, sport is a vital part of life at Roedean Moira House and the wider community.

What the Pupils Say…

I'm loving GCSE PE, and if it wasn't for the amazing PE teachers I might never have got into netball.  The teachers have really helped in my training and I have progressed quickly to the A Team.  The school has been really accommodating if I have ever needed time off for my sporting committments, such as Cross-country, Triathlons, Swimming and Netball.

– Beth, Sports Scholar and Triathlon Champion

What the Teachers Say…

Our school is extremely proud to have provided the Ball Crew at the Nature Valley International Tennis Tournament, formerly known as the Aegon International tennis tournament, which leads directly into the grass-court season.  To host such an event is not only a huge accolade for Rodean Moira House but is also a wonderful copportunity for students in the school to work closely with the most highly ranked players in the world.

– Mrs A Legate, Director of Sport