Roedean is the girls’ home from home – we know that girls who are happy and relaxed in their environment will flourish and be successful.


House spirit is strong at Roedean Moira House – you’ll work that out pretty quickly when you arrive!  Each girl is part of a house, which go by the name of Pyramids.  There are four Pyramids, introduced in the 1950s and all named after Arthurian legends - Excalibur, Merlin, Pegasus and Vulcan.  The names came from 'The League' - a committee that was formed by students in 1919, inspired by Arthur's Round Table.  Each Pyramid has its own colour, which can be seen in the various flags, face paints and signs that emerge during inter-house competitions, and our 'Pyramid Festival' that kicks off the year in the Autumn. This friendly rivalry produces a sense of camaraderie and community which inspires you to learn, grow and achieve together.

  • The newly refurbished Boarding House at Roedean Moira House, along with a well-structured programme of Pyramid events, enable every single girl to feel part of a team and take part at a level with which she feels comfortable

  • The eagerly anticipated end of year Sports Day encourages a healthy air of competition and friendly rivalry, as well as providing that sense of camaraderie and community which inspires the girls to learn, grow and achieve together

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What they say...

The community is underpinned by the pyramid house structure, and pupils have an intense allegiance to their house: Merlin, Excaibur, Pegasus and Vulcan.  The Head Girls are know, gallantly, as knights, and itdoes seem that there is something both of Old England and dedication about this school.

– Good Schools Guide, 2018